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Maison 77 isn’t just another hair salon. Nestled at the heart of our community, we represent a confluence of beauty, nature, and artisanship. Our salon is a canvas, where hair artistry intertwines with the delicate allure of flowers, and the local craftsmanship stands testament to our belief in authentic, quality products. Salon, flower shop, purveyors of artisanal delights...We are more than a brand; we are a lifestyle statement, a beacon of elegance, and an emblem of pride.



Davines, established in 1983 in Parma, Italy, by the Bollati family, is a haircare brand renowned for blending quality, sustainability, and ethical beauty. Originating as a research lab, it evolved to produce environmentally responsible products, utilizing natural ingredients and sustainable practices. The brand's global recognition stems from its commitment to minimizing environmental impact while promoting a holistic approach to beauty.

Berry Home

Berry Home is a distinctive company that specializes in creating exquisite dried flower bouquets, offering a touch of timeless elegance and natural beauty. With a keen eye for detail and quality, Berry Home curates living goods from local artists and renowned craftsmen from Asia, with a particular emphasis on items from Japan. This unique blend of sources ensures that each bouquet and product has a story and a connection to traditional and contemporary artisanal techniques.

Heads of State

Located in Brooklyn, Heads of State specializes in creating bespoke, handmade hats tailored for the contemporary man and woman. Emphasizing craftsmanship and quality, all of their hats are proudly 100% made in the USA, showcasing a commitment to domestic production and artisanal excellence.

Lake & Skye

Lake & Skye offers award-winning scents designed to uplift and enhance everyday experiences. Their fragrances are crafted with the intention of making you feel good, blending artistry and emotion to create an olfactory experience that's both enriching and memorable.


Sacris stands as the master of artisanal incense and elixirs. Renowned for blending ancient traditions with contemporary sensibilities, they curate a unique selection of scents and formulations designed to elevate the mind, body, and spirit.


A Little Tasting Experience

"Une Petite Dégustation"

Step into a world where elegance meets relaxation, in true French style. Enjoy a complimentary, chilled glass of rosé wine or select from our expertly curated collection of fine wines and artisanal liquors, as you receive a chic haircut. Unwind in our distinctive setting, letting the spirit of 'la vie en rose' envelop you in a serene embrace. Everything here is on the house, designed to offer you an experience of pure indulgence and dreamy luxury.

Casa Dragones

Casa Dragones is small batch producer with a passion for crafting exceptional sipping tequilas, one bottle at a time. They craft uniquely smooth tequilas of the highest quality to surprise and enamor the tequila lover.

“On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur.”

We see well only with the heart.

La Bonne Brosse

La Bonne Brosse, a French artisanal hairbrush company, marries traditional craftsmanship with sustainable beauty. Offering eco-friendly, meticulously crafted brushes, the brand is dedicated to promoting healthy hair and environmental responsibility. La Bonne Brosse stands out for its luxury, sustainability, and commitment to enhancing natural hair beauty.

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